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Marwan Mohammed Advocates and Legal Consultants

Marwan Mohammed Advocates and Legal Consultants in Dubai – Our firm always had the vision of building one of the Middle East’s premier full service law firms. Our Lawyers in Dubai counsel domestic and international clients on practically all matters of law. We have the proven capabilities in corporate, property, litigation and all othre lega areas. Our Criminal Lawyers in Dubai have an excellent track record in representing clients before Dubai courts. Our Property Lawyers in Dubai provide cogent and practical advice on real estate and property law matters. Contact one of our Lawyers in UAE today. We also handle intellectual property matters and cover trademark registration in Dubai, Patent registration in Dubai and UAE in addition to advising on insurance, banking, energy and aviation law. Get in touch with our team today.

Marwan Mohammed Advocates and Legal Consultants in Dubai represents a group of internationally qualified counsels. Our Law Firm Limited is a company incorporated pursuant to Abu Dhabi Global Market Companies Regulations. Our Firm is incorporated pursuant to applicable federal and local laws of Ras Al Khaimah. The Firm operates in other jurisdictions through its affiliates and associated offices. The Firm is in cooperation with its affiliate Marwan Mohamed Advocates and Legal Consultants regulated by the Dubai Rulers Court and its branch in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (regulated by Abu Dhabi Judicial Department). The Firm’s trademark and intellectual property is assigned in favor of the affiliates for all purposes in accordance with the assignment agreement. Firm’s Luxembourg and Moscow offices are regulated by the jurisdictional regulations.

Marwan Mohammed Advocates and Legal Consultants
Location & Address : Office 1904, Level 19, Tower 1, Boulevard Plaza, Opp. Dubai Mall & Burj Khalifa, Above Aston Martin Car Showroom
P O Box : 122838, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Telephone Number : +971 4 368 9727
Fax Number : +971 4 369 5126

Legal Services in Dubai

Our firm’s Corporate Lawyers in Dubai offer bespoke corporate law advice in addition to commercial, trade, and banking laws. Our firm prides itself in catering to Fortune 250 companies globally. In today’s competitive market, success is very challenging to multinational companies who take caution in everything they do. Whether you are incorporating a business network or a closely- held family enterprise, the enforcement environment is ever- changing and you cannot assume that you know the new landscape. Our firm provides the relevant corporate advice to clients, most of whom are from distinct backgrounds, industry sectors and a variety of businesses.

Our extensive knowledge of corporate and commercial laws at a global level has allowed us to structure companies and organizations, which in turn has assisted our clients in making their presence felt in the competitive market. Our attorneys are trained to help and assist new entities by defining and structuring the form of business, drafting necessary documents and preparing agreements for ownership. Our attorneys advise on setting up new businesses, registering limited liabilities companies and free zone companies in Dubai and the wider UAE. The ambit of our practice encompasses all matters of corporate governance and corporate restructuring.

Our corporate advisory covers and includes advising on operational arrangements, strategic alliances, joint venture and other models of corporate relationship.We have vast experience in arrangements such as code sharing, frequent flyer programs and policies, e-commerce and business to business models, ground- handling, maintenance and operational arrangements, fuel supply and intellectual property. We also handle and negotiate settlement and restructuring agreements, and give advice on bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings. Extensive legal exposure to variant industry sectors equips us with a better understanding and innovative approach to complex legal matters.

Marwan Mohammed Advocates and Legal Consultants in Dubai range of services includes: Advising on local statute laws including DIFC, UAE Commercial Companies Law, shareholder governance and dispute resolution; advising on board and committee structure and composition, rights and liabilities of company directors including oversight and fiduciary duties, code of ethics, indemnity and related aspects; advising on legislative, regulatory or policy initiatives affecting governance and liability, including regulatory changes; providing advice on management of share capital including the transfer of shares, conversion of capitals and other related assistance; advising on all forms of company incorporation and structuring in accordance with the prevailing laws of the Middle East and related jurisdictions; advising on contentious shareholders disputes and termination of shareholders agreements; and developing and maintaining crisis-avoidance strategies.

Mergers and Reorganizations – Our firm partners have a wealth of knowledge and experience in counselling clients in business acquisitions and dispositions. Our corporate and commercial practice extends to the mergers and reorganization of corporate entities. Our team’s expertise in different sectors of industry makes us better equipped to deal with matters of mergers and reorganization. Certain industry practices require a strategic and a careful approach, to improve control of the business.

From a long term perspective, we advise our clients on matters of reconstruction. Such clients include accountancy practices, consultancy companies and real estate corporations. We regularly advise clients on company reorganization and listing, and have experience in matters of conversion from privately owned to listed companies. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the buyer as well as the seller. By taking the value of the corporate entity into consideration, we understand the nature of the body that is being acquired or sold by performing thorough, extensive due diligence and recognizing the aims of our client Our clients appreciate the depth of our knowledge and the way in which this can contribute to the growth and development of their businesses.

Marwan Mohammed Advocates and Legal Consultants in Dubai offer a dedicated team of attorneys and qualifed solicitors with the ability to handle complex legal issues promptly and effectively in matters including, but not limited to, IPOs, joint ventures, tax matters, intellectual property and litigation. We have advised several private placements and private equity deals for both issuers and investors throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Joint Ventures – Our lawyers are proficient in all matters relating to joint venture and corporate alliances which usually requires an in- depth study of the proposals and carrying out compliance checks. Our firm attorneys understand the clinical ties of such transactions and ensure all requirements are met before the execution of such business arrangements between the parties. Our attorneys take into consideration all aspects of the contractual liabilities that arise in joint venture transactions. The basis of a successful strategic alliance and/or joint venture lies in appropriate structuring and further ensuring that all objectives are realised and ambiguities are clarified to the best possible extent.

At Marwan Mohammed Advocates and Legal Consultants in Dubai, we expect our lawyers to have a mutual and cooperative involvement when dealing with clients in the finalization of joint ventures. We ensure that proper due diligence forms the basis of such transactions, and include in our scope of work the different aspects relating to financing, licensing, market study and research. Our reputation on strategic advice to our clients is unparalleled and our clients rely on our expertise. Joint ventures and strategic alliances often call for cross border negotiations, research and comprehensive due diligence. As our client’s attorneys, we ensure that the scope of work is well covered at our end.

Corporate Recovery and Insolvency – Our lawyers in Dubai and across our offices in the UAE are experienced in handling corporate recovery and insolvency cases and we know, that at times of economic difficulties business is very uncertain. If a company does run into financial difficulties we will examine the concerns discreetly and make clients aware of the problems. We will provide advice wherever possible by rescuing and restructuring a company to help it return to profitability. Our approach is careful and wherever possible, we work towards mutually agreeable solutions.

Our lawyers in Dubai have a range of methods for resolving these issues and have proven experience in assisting businesses from large multi-national companies, to small businesses, consist of partnerships, company directors, insolvency practitioners, banks, administrators, liquidators, and shareholders. We deal with all sorts of intricate structures within our firm and ensure that the client’s needs are met with efficiency and promptly.

The team works closely with other lawyers and advisers who will come with a pragmatic solution for our clients needs. We provide personalized guidance and a dedicated associate for the relevant matter. Our associates help clients in safeguarding their interests within the region and across the globe. Each practice area is assigned to one of our associates who has the expertise to meet the individual needs and will take the time to meet your specific requirements which will be tailor made to the clients wishes.

Marwan Mohammed Advocates and Legal Consultants in Dubai areas of expertise are: Acquisition and disposal of distressed debt; company voluntary arrangements; corporate advisory; corporate finance; cross border insolvency; director’s duties; debt recovery and enforcement; employee claims; freezing orders and injunctions for the recovery of assets; fraudulent cases; risk analysis; and all types of corporate recovery and insolvency. Our lawyers in Dubai provide detailed due diligence to clients on corporate recovery and insolvency matters. Our team of lawyers and solicitors can help clients in safeguarding their interests and in securing the transactions.

Company Incorporation in Dubai – Our firm’s attorneys provide strategic legal and business expertise in diverse areas, including resources, preparation of foreign investment proposals, equity shareholdings, corporate acquisitions, family and business succession planning. At STA, a business set up does not only mean a company incorporation process. It means the start of new relationship with a client. Our team of lawyers in Dubai and offices across the United Arab Emirates take care to ensure your business set up is hassle-free and efficient.

Our firm’s team of lawyers in Bahrain and talented attorneys in Qatar adopt careful and precise steps to ensure that a company incorporation is handled in the most convenient yet timely manner. Besides company formation in Dubai and UAE, Our firm’s team also assists in company formations in Russia, company incorporations in Luxembourg and setting up business in India.We don’t just set up companies in haste, we ensure that we understand your business and commercial objectives and offer you the right advice. We have experienced team of professionals, who can offer quality legal advice on complex regulatory compliances, structuring shareholding distribution, choosing the right form of legal entity, defining shareholders rights and obligations, and provide general legal advice on company formations.

Certain activities require the expertise of professionals. We undertake company formation and licensing procedures for companies involved in the business of real estate development, engineering consultancy, recreation and sport, leisure and hospitality, financial institutions, medicine and educational institutions. Our firm consultants specialize in advising on all forms of business consultancy including business set up in Dubai and United Arab Emirates.

Marwan Mohammed Advocates and Legal Consultants provides expert counsel and bespoke legal advice on technology law and media law services. Get in touch with our Media Lawyers in Dubai and UAE today. Marwan Mohammed Advocates and Legal Consultants has represented motion picture studios, independent producers, media houses, IT companies, sports and entertainment industry. The global economic downturn and recovery, political uncertainties around the world, fluctuations in global stock prices and rising price of commodities have each resulted in diverse commercial legal issues within the ever-growing media industry.Our attorneys maintain a close track of these events through our dealings with media professionals. We take the necessary steps to protecting the business interests of our clients and other media participants. Our specialized team of intellectual property professionals advise on local and international intellectual property laws and our practice covers the broadcasting industry, the music industry and the social media industry, as well as satellite TV networks.

Marwan Mohammed Advocates and Legal Consultants employ the necessary sophisticated software, document management systems, and requisite infrastructure to develop and maintain the intellectual property portfolio of each client. Other areas in which we advise are: copyright law, digital rights, entertainment law, film Production and publishing, intellectual property rights, internet law, media contracts, media disputes, music copyright, publishing agreements and performing rights.

Marwan Mohammed Advocates and Legal Consultants
Location & Address : Office 1904, Level 19, Tower 1, Boulevard Plaza, Opp. Dubai Mall & Burj Khalifa, Above Aston Martin Car Showroom
P O Box : 122838, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Telephone Number : +971 4 368 9727
Fax Number : +971 4 369 5126

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Dubai Legal Firms Directory

When you need to find a lawyer, whether it is for a tort action, civil suit, criminal case, divorce settlements, or any other legal battles you are involved in, the use of a legal directory is the best method to find the lawyer for services. Depending on the type of case, whether or not you are required to go to court or are trying to settle out of court, the prices and budget you have to spend on a lawyer, and various other factors which one must consider when choosing a lawyer, they will find that the use of a legal directory to find a lawyer is the best method to do so.

Every now and then you come across legal problems that leave you and your family baffled with a slightest intricate escape route. The instances of legal problems are sometimes so complicated that you might not be able to resolve it without the assistance of a well experienced and knowledgeable lawyer. But the main question that may come to your mind is which type of lawyer to select for all types of legal issues. Here is a list of the types of lawyer you may need to contact in emergency or for specific consultation:

Tax attorneys – You must be aware of a very famous saying in which death and taxes are quoted to be the most certain things in life. And for this reason, this lawyer is a necessary evil. A tax lawyer is the one who practices in the sophisticated branch of taxation policies. You need these attorneys in the following situations: real estate tax returns and consultation; tax structure for a new business; international business taxation policies; or a victim of tax fraud. The main benefit of these lawyers is that they have an accounting background, which helps to minimize the amount payable in taxes.

Labor and Employment attorneys – Over the last decade, the instances of labor law breaching have surged drastically. Alongside, cases of discrimination and harassment at a workplace have climbed to a worrisome level. An employment or labor law attorney can assist a person who has been a victim of violation of fair labor laws and treaties. You can also consult this lawyer in several other cases such as retirement and pension issues, improper workplace safety measures, unfair wages and compensations, and irrelevant termination of the contract.

Real estate and wills lawyer – Ancestral land or property sometimes become a headache for the most deserving member of the family due to greedy intentions of other illegitimate claimants after the death of the owner of the property. Death is inevitable; and that’s why it is always beneficial to write a will after consulting a good estate and will lawyer. He will help you throughout the estate planning process and make the proceedings hassle free. An estate lawyer ensures that you receive all the assets without losing even a slightest piece of land to some other lawless claimant.

Personal Injury Lawyer – There are more than ten thousand people in Dubai, who did not claim for compensation from the culprit due to unawareness regarding personal injury laws and rights. An injury can be such a serious affair that may bind your life to shackles making it difficult to survive both mentally and physically. It may be a result of someone’s intentional behavior or carelessness. In that case, it is your right to claim compensation for the damages caused to you. This can be made simple only with the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Contract law attorney – Contracts are inescapable and ubiquitous as far as business is concerned. They form a part of every business transaction from buying a cell phone to signing an international business memorandum of understanding. And it is easy to fathom that where there is money involved, there will be a dispute. Only a contract lawyer can act as an arbitrator to solve the legal issues from the grass-root level.

Criminal law Lawyers – All of your favorite crime dramas show you slightly exaggerated pictures of criminal practice. A criminal lawyer does not re-enact powerful, ripped-from-the-headlines episodes of “Law and Order” every day; in fact, the ordinary criminal lawyer very seldom takes a case to trial, because litigation runs-up costs beyond most defendants’ ability to pay, and it renders the outcome far too uncertain. Criminal attorneys become far more proficient at negotiating plea agreements than dazzling juries with brilliant closing arguments.

Even within the bigger province of criminal law, attorneys specialize. Many skilled litigators specialize in DUI and traffic law defenses, and many others manage nothing but drug cases. Their specialized training, continuing education, and everyday courtroom experience equip them with tools, tactics, and techniques for protecting their clients’ rights and securing just outcomes in their cases. Moreover, when a criminal attorney specializes in just one kind of proceeding, he or she naturally develops powerful working relationships with prosecutors and judges, so that plea and sentencing negotiations become far less contentious and far more businesslike and productive.

Family Lawyers – The practice of family law stands out as by far the largest and also the most emotionally taxing of all the legal specialties. One experienced family attorney claims, “The average garden variety divorce has more drama, complication, and heartbreak than a six-pack of standard manslaughters and homicides.” 90% of family law practice deals with divorce and especially with child support and custody issues, but in extreme cases, family law specialists represent children in proceedings against their parents, guardians, or educational institutions. Some experts predict that child advocacy will become more prevalent as educators develop standards of malpractice.

Personal injury Lawyers – Personal injury attorneys are probably the most notorious members of the legal community, the ones most likely to earn the moniker “ambulance chaser.” “Torts” are the core of personal injury practice: when a person suffers as a result of another’s negligence, recklessness, or malfeasance, the “bad guy” may or may not have committed a crime, but he has committed a “tort,” literally a word for “wrong.” Personal injury lawyers file suit in the civil courts, petitioning for compensatory and punitive damages from “the bad guys.” In very serious personal injury cases, judges and juries may award damages “for the loss of the enjoyment of life.” The headline-grabbing stories usually come from those cases.

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Marwan Mohammed Advocates and Legal Consultants Dubai


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