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Legal Firms in Dubai Directory : Law firms in Dubai : Top lawyers in Dubai UAE. Find the best advocates & legal consultants‎ in Dubai with firm contact details including contact telephone numbers, email addresses, business websites, location map, driving directions and law firms reviews. Hassan Al Reyami Advocates & Legal Consultants – Lawyers in Dubai, Dubai Law Firms, Property Lawyers in Dubai, Lawyers in UAE, Advocates in Dubai and UAE, Shipping Lawyers and Criminal Lawyers in Dubai UAE. Hassan Al Riyami Advocates and Legal Consultants is a law firm in Dubai and Abu Dhabi founded since 1991 and has 32 Lawyers in Abu Dhabi and 26 Lawyers in Dubai– International and Local Advocates in Dubai and Abu Dhabi – practicing and specializing in the different field of Legal Profession. The firm has obtained decades of vast experience and it is deeply rooted in the firm’s history. It has seamlessly provide legal services to its clients- Internationally and Locally- to uphold its right and as well as represent the same in any Judicial and Quasi Judicial body.

Hassan Al Reyami Advocates & Legal Consultants firm is established in the United Arab Emirates, with branches across the emirates, Hassan Al Reyami Advocates has grown to be known as a firm of repute. The firm provides a comprehensive gamut of simple and complex legal services to a broad spectrum of individuals, industry, and nationalities, engaging in activities, within the U.A.E and cross-border, in a medium sized-firm setting. The firm is a collaboration of distinct legal practitioners in the United Arab Emirates – Mr. Hassan Matar Al Reyami, LLB, Mr. Naser Muheyeldin, J.D., and Mr. Rashid Alhajri, LLB. Leading law firm in Dubai with best lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE

Our team of lawyers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are hand selected specifically for their vast regional expertise and successful track record. Forward thinkers who fully understand not only the letter of the law but its application in the UAE. Their flexible approach and winning habit allow them to challenge traditional thinking and to continue delighting our clients with cases past, ongoing and into the future. The law firm in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has a winning combination of expertise, experience, and determination to deliver the best possible results for our clients that allow even the most complicated cases to be taken on and delivered in your favor.

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Hassan Al Reyami Advocates & Legal Consultants
Suite 2408, Al Shafar Tower 1, TECOM, P.O.Box 215880, Dubai, UAE.
Tel: +971 4 453 41 88
Fax: +971 4 453 41 89
For Appointment: +971 55 954 73 08
Email: info@alriyamiadvocates.com

Hassan Al Reyami Advocates & Legal Consultants

From its modest inauguration, the firm has now over twenty (20) litigator lawyers, consultants and advisors; in addition, it comprises of multitalented officers, paralegals and administrative support staffs. With the firm’s composition, it faithfully assures to overcome the diversity and challenges in the field of legal profession by providing a wide range of professional and specialization.

The profound asset of the firm is the strong relationship among its member of staffs and officers- the strong solidarity, team play spirit and dynamism of each member of the firm brought it status at present and tomorrow. The firm strongly adheres that each case, whether small or huge, will be given full attention and details in handling the same- utmost professional, dedication and knowledge shall be given to each and every case.

The Advocates – The firm, through the years of extensive practice in the field of legal profession, was able to gather top caliber advocates from the different parts of the world. The firm’s advocates possess an international outlook and stance outstandingly suitable to the modern legal practice.

The Legal Approach – The firm was able to create vibrant mechanism in handling and resolving legal problems; it contemplates that each legal problem has its unique and peculiar approach. It is the firm’s consideration to be conscious and responsive in every client’s unique legal predicament; each case is being handled and supervised by the founders of the firm- a hands-on approach is being implemented and practice by the firm. The firm’s commitment is to provide transparent, honest and flexible legal service to its client- a reasonable cost for state of the art legal services which brings client’s trust and confidence.

Our Mission : To provide exceptional, dedicated, and efficient legal services that produce high-quality and prompt results at a reasonable cost, achieved through meticulous skill and legal know how, with the due attention and dedication that only a medium-sized firm can provide to each individual situation.

Our Values : The firm operates under the credo to defend clients’ rights founded on the principles of excellence, integrity, ability, and fidelity to the ethical standards of the legal profession, within the bounds of the law. The firm is also mindful of its duty not only to its clients but also towards the public, in public service, service to community, and diversity.

For Appointments: +971 55 954 7308 or Email us: info@alriyamiadvocates.com

Legal Services in Dubai

The firm’s clientele represents a broad spectrum of industry and nationalities. Giving advice to a wide range of businesses, and individuals. With a recorded high level of success rate in its areas of specialization

Backed by a highly competent team of advocates, consultants, and legal advisors, complemented by a legal support staff in rendering exceptional, dedicated, and multi-lingual legal service and solutions. The firm makes extensive use of expert witnesses and other modes of discovery. The firm understands the challenging situations clients find themselves in, and believe that no two cases are ever alike. Every client’s circumstance is given bespoke service and solutions. Corollary to this, developing a lasting relationship with clients through solid results and outstanding personal service.

Dispute Resolution Arbitration

Arbitration is the preferred method of dispute resolution in the Middle East by many local and international businesses. Given our specialism and language capabilities, we regularly represent clients in both ad-hoc and institutional arbitrations. Some of our senior lawyers have acted as arbitrators and adjudicators.  We handle a variety of subject matters and disputes under various arbitration rules, these matters include construction & engineering disputes, real estate disputes, commercial transaction disputes and corporate disputes.

Legal Consultation in Dubai

Legal Consultation in Dubai UAE – Our office gives consultations in different cases for individuals, families, legal persons companies and governmental offices. Members of the office have vast relations and legal and social experiences to follow up with public and private departments to serve our client.

Company Incorporation in Dubai

Company Incorporation in Dubai UAE – Company incorporation can be made easier when potential business owners fully comprehend the desired legal structure, intended purpose, and territory. Our staffs are highly accomplished in company formation in Dubai, and can help get your new or restructured business started the right way. Our corporate team advises on an extensive range of legal issues concerning inbound and outbound investments, strategic alliances and collaborations in the UAE and across the Middle East.  We often work alongside foreign law firms and accounting firms as Local Counsel to advise them on relevant UAE laws that apply to their cross-border transactions. We also assist many foreign entities on procuring regulatory licenses and approvals.

We regularly advise clients of all backgrounds from Government owned companies and public listed companies to individual entrepreneurs about establishing or expanding their presence in the UAE and across the Middle East. This often entails a review of both offshore and onshore corporate entities and the risks and benefits of operating in or outside of the many free zones in the UAE.

Real Estate Law in Dubai

Our team has hands on experience in drafting a variety of contracts and agreements for the real estate development and property sales and leasing markets. We act on behalf of a wide range of diverse clients including international corporations, financial institutions, property developers, construction and engineering companies and government and state-owned entities.

Criminal Law in Dubai

Criminal Law in Dubai UAE – We provide consultation and representation services relating to use and abuse of narcotics & alcohol, bounced cheques, murder, theft, swindling, threats, and all other matters criminal in nature before the public prosecutions and courts in the UAE.

Insurance Law in Dubai

Insurance Law in Dubai UAE – We provide pre-litigation and litigation services relating to damages, claims, compensations, insurance fraud, extent of liability, unlawful termination of insurance policies, and underpaying or nonpayment.

Civil & Commercial Law in Dubai

Civil & Commercial Law in Dubai UAE – We provide comprehensive services based on in-depth knowledge of general fields of law, and thus attending to the requirements of national and international clients on matters relating to implementation of contracts, execution of court judgments, partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, trading, and all rights and remedies.

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Dubai Legal Firms Directory

When you need to find a lawyer, whether it is for a tort action, civil suit, criminal case, divorce settlements, or any other legal battles you are involved in, the use of a legal directory is the best method to find the lawyer for services. Depending on the type of case, whether or not you are required to go to court or are trying to settle out of court, the prices and budget you have to spend on a lawyer, and various other factors which one must consider when choosing a lawyer, they will find that the use of a legal directory to find a lawyer is the best method to do so.

Every now and then you come across legal problems that leave you and your family baffled with a slightest intricate escape route. The instances of legal problems are sometimes so complicated that you might not be able to resolve it without the assistance of a well experienced and knowledgeable lawyer. But the main question that may come to your mind is which type of lawyer to select for all types of legal issues. Here is a list of the types of lawyer you may need to contact in emergency or for specific consultation:

Tax attorneys – You must be aware of a very famous saying in which death and taxes are quoted to be the most certain things in life. And for this reason, this lawyer is a necessary evil. A tax lawyer is the one who practices in the sophisticated branch of taxation policies. You need these attorneys in the following situations: real estate tax returns and consultation; tax structure for a new business; international business taxation policies; or a victim of tax fraud. The main benefit of these lawyers is that they have an accounting background, which helps to minimize the amount payable in taxes.

Labor and Employment attorneys – Over the last decade, the instances of labor law breaching have surged drastically. Alongside, cases of discrimination and harassment at a workplace have climbed to a worrisome level. An employment or labor law attorney can assist a person who has been a victim of violation of fair labor laws and treaties. You can also consult this lawyer in several other cases such as retirement and pension issues, improper workplace safety measures, unfair wages and compensations, and irrelevant termination of the contract.

Real estate and wills lawyer – Ancestral land or property sometimes become a headache for the most deserving member of the family due to greedy intentions of other illegitimate claimants after the death of the owner of the property. Death is inevitable; and that’s why it is always beneficial to write a will after consulting a good estate and will lawyer. He will help you throughout the estate planning process and make the proceedings hassle free. An estate lawyer ensures that you receive all the assets without losing even a slightest piece of land to some other lawless claimant.

Personal Injury Lawyer – There are more than ten thousand people in Dubai, who did not claim for compensation from the culprit due to unawareness regarding personal injury laws and rights. An injury can be such a serious affair that may bind your life to shackles making it difficult to survive both mentally and physically. It may be a result of someone’s intentional behavior or carelessness. In that case, it is your right to claim compensation for the damages caused to you. This can be made simple only with the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Contract law attorney – Contracts are inescapable and ubiquitous as far as business is concerned. They form a part of every business transaction from buying a cell phone to signing an international business memorandum of understanding. And it is easy to fathom that where there is money involved, there will be a dispute. Only a contract lawyer can act as an arbitrator to solve the legal issues from the grass-root level.

Criminal law Lawyers – All of your favorite crime dramas show you slightly exaggerated pictures of criminal practice. A criminal lawyer does not re-enact powerful, ripped-from-the-headlines episodes of “Law and Order” every day; in fact, the ordinary criminal lawyer very seldom takes a case to trial, because litigation runs-up costs beyond most defendants’ ability to pay, and it renders the outcome far too uncertain. Criminal attorneys become far more proficient at negotiating plea agreements than dazzling juries with brilliant closing arguments.

Even within the bigger province of criminal law, attorneys specialize. Many skilled litigators specialize in DUI and traffic law defenses, and many others manage nothing but drug cases. Their specialized training, continuing education, and everyday courtroom experience equip them with tools, tactics, and techniques for protecting their clients’ rights and securing just outcomes in their cases. Moreover, when a criminal attorney specializes in just one kind of proceeding, he or she naturally develops powerful working relationships with prosecutors and judges, so that plea and sentencing negotiations become far less contentious and far more businesslike and productive.

Family Lawyers – The practice of family law stands out as by far the largest and also the most emotionally taxing of all the legal specialties. One experienced family attorney claims, “The average garden variety divorce has more drama, complication, and heartbreak than a six-pack of standard manslaughters and homicides.” 90% of family law practice deals with divorce and especially with child support and custody issues, but in extreme cases, family law specialists represent children in proceedings against their parents, guardians, or educational institutions. Some experts predict that child advocacy will become more prevalent as educators develop standards of malpractice.

Personal injury Lawyers – Personal injury attorneys are probably the most notorious members of the legal community, the ones most likely to earn the moniker “ambulance chaser.” “Torts” are the core of personal injury practice: when a person suffers as a result of another’s negligence, recklessness, or malfeasance, the “bad guy” may or may not have committed a crime, but he has committed a “tort,” literally a word for “wrong.” Personal injury lawyers file suit in the civil courts, petitioning for compensatory and punitive damages from “the bad guys.” In very serious personal injury cases, judges and juries may award damages “for the loss of the enjoyment of life.” The headline-grabbing stories usually come from those cases.

Hassan Al Reyami Advocates & Legal Consultants
Suite 2408, Al Shafar Tower 1, TECOM, P.O.Box 215880, Dubai, UAE.
Tel: +971 4 453 41 88
Fax: +971 4 453 41 89
For Appointment: +971 55 954 73 08
Email: info@alriyamiadvocates.com

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Hassan Al Reyami Advocates & Legal Consultants Dubai


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