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Civil Litigation Lawyers in Dubai

Civil Litigation Lawyers in Dubai : Legal Firms in Dubai : Law Firms in Dubai : Top Lawyers in Dubai, Advocates & Legal Consultants‎ in Dubai UAE. In our legal system, there are only two courts: the criminal court, and the civil court. Most people have a pretty good idea what criminal court is. The police charge a citizen with a crime; the accused person hires a defence lawyer; the crown attorney prosecutes; the judge (or judge and jury) decides if the accused person is guilty, or not, followed by sentencing, or dismissal of the charge. In a nutshell, criminal law involves the state against the person. The result is either a criminal sanction – sentence, (or not).

Everything else that ends up in court, goes to civil court, which, also in a nutshell, involves a person bringing a claim against another person, (or organization), or vice versa.The result is either monetary damages (or not) or an order for specific performance of some sort (or not). Usually the successful party gets an order for legal costs against the other party. (You lost, so you should pay for my lawyer to be here, in addition to your own!). That gets expensive. All of these disputes are collectively known as “civil litigation” and in the vast majority of cases, involve claims for money.

Family Court has evolved from the civil court system to have its own set of rules and forms, but it is still technically under the general umbrella of civil court, given that the nature of the dispute involved is between individuals. Its other major distinguishing point is the jurisdiction it holds to make orders relating to children, including custody, child protection and adoption.

Civil Litigation Lawyers

Civil Litigation Lawyers in Dubai : Legal Firms in Dubai : Law Firms in Dubai : Top Lawyers in Dubai, Advocates & Legal Consultants‎ in Dubai UAE. As stated elsewhere, civil litigation involves someone suing someone else for anything. It is the legal process that most people think of when the word “lawsuit” is used. In broad strokes, the majority of civil claims can be broken down into two categories: contract, and tort.

Contract claims flow from the allegation that one party to a contract breached it, and as a result, the claimant, or plaintiff, suffered damages. Think: bad roofer; no show snow plow guy, product supplier who did not deliver; your car is a lemon; your new fridge never worked; your personal trainer or kid’s piano teacher was useless. On a larger scale, you discover defects in your house after purchase, or sadly, you default on your mortgage and the bank initiates power of sale proceedings on your house. You get fired. These are all examples of breach of contract claims.

By contrast, tort claims comprise what are known as “civil wrongs”. These include claims of negligence, and in more extreme cases, if proven: intentional civil wrongs. All torts require proof of fault in order to determine legal responsibility, however, fault is measured differently for the different types of tort, depending on whether they were intentional, or unintentional.

All torts usually involve injury of some sort and the most common examples are personal injury claims, medical malpractice, unsafe premises, unsafe products, assault, battery, defamation of character (libel/slander), nuisance, trespass, intentional infliction of mental distress, and intentional interference with business relations.

Civil Litigation Lawyers in Dubai

Civil Litigation Lawyers in Dubai : Legal Firms in Dubai : Law Firms in Dubai : Top Lawyers in Dubai, Advocates & Legal Consultants‎ in Dubai UAE. Civil litigation arises when there is a legal dispute between two or more parties that demand for monetary compensation or some specific performance rather than criminal sanction.

Civil litigation lawyers in Dubai are those who focus their legal practices on representing clients in the court. Their main responsibilities involve taking the lawsuits into court and winning the cases. They do this either by initiating a legal action by filing a lawsuit or defending a client by responding to the case and making claims.

Civil litigation lawyers need to possess versatile skills to represent their clients effectively. In general, they focus their legal practice on specific areas that include- intellectual property, products liability, construction, landlord/tenant dispute, real estate, worker’s compensation, breach of contract, business torts, shareholder dispute, employment and labor, and so on.

As civil litigation is an adversarial process, the role of the legal representative is very much challenging. He needs to possess a sound knowledge on the ins and outs of the legal system to handle different kinds of paperwork and letters involved in any court proceedings. Even if the dispute has to be settled through negotiation, it is the job of the litigator to prepare for the trial in the court. However, in some cases the opposing party opts for a mutual settlement outside the court.

The work of a civil litigation lawyer is divided into several phases, which include- investigation, pleading, discovery, pre-trial and trial, settlement, and if the final verdict is not liked by the client, appeal. However, every lawsuit does not have to pass through all these stages. The duration of a lawsuit may range from few months to several years.

Though there are many civil litigation lawyers in Dubai, a person should make sure that the one he is working with has enough experience in trials and court cases. If a legal practitioner deals with corporate shareholder disputes, he will have to put a value on the business that is commensurate with the level of development and potential. So, only an experienced and efficient lawyer can procure the funds for the business or bring in the right investors, by formulating a strategy from the beginning to the end.

What Does a Civil Litigation Attorney Do?

A civil litigation attorney will take you through the entire process of filing and pursuing a non-criminal lawsuit. An attorney can also advise you on whether your case is best suited for court, or can be handled better outside of the courtroom. Some examples of civil litigation include:

  • Alimony
  • Personal injury
  • Debt settlement
  • Discrimination

Filing criminal cases is generally handled by government agencies, like the police or the city.

How Do I Know If I Need a Civil Litigation Attorney?

If you’re considering filing a lawsuit, you may want to consult with a litigation lawyer. As legal professionals, litigation lawyers know which cases have a good chance of being successful. They’re familiar with all of the procedures, steps, and necessary paperwork that needs to be done. Some cases are better handled using alternative dispute resolution, and a litigation attorney will be able to advise on your options.

How Much Does a Civil Litigation Attorney Cost?

Lawyers take different approaches to how they bill and how much they charge. Litigation attorneys may charge by the hour or may charge a contingency. Contingency means that you will not have to pay anything up front and your lawyer will take a preestablished percentage if you win your case. If your litigation attorney takes your case on a contingency basis, you probably have a very strong case. Rates will vary depending on where you live, so be sure to ask up front how much your lawyer will charge.

What Should I Expect from Working with a Civil Litigation Attorney?

Outcomes rely on many different factors, but your litigation attorney will represent you at every step in the process of filing a lawsuit.

With your lawyer’s guidance, your case might be settled privately, or you could end up going to court. If you win your case, you may receive monetary compensation or force the other party to cease a harmful activity.

Since litigation lawyers know the local laws and legal procedures, their legal expertise will put you in a better position to win your lawsuit.

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